Conflict Prevention & Resolution by Ron Price

Conflict Prevention Mastery - Modules 1, 2, & 3

Ron Price

Module One: Porcupines, Skunks, Customers, and Co-Workers – How to deal with difficult people and situations:

It’s a fact that you will encounter difficult people and situations at times. These need not get the best of you if you are equipped to handle them productively. In this often humorous and focused module, you will gain skills and confidence to know how to act reasonably when others around you are not. $297
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Module Two: P.L.A.Y. to Prevent Conflict:

Life can be hectic and stressful at times, and often we find ourselves engaged in conflicts that are not worthy of our time or energy. Conflict is certainly not always negative, but why waste life dealing with matters that are not all that important? This upbeat module will equip you with specific techniques to minimize and/or wholly eliminate various conflicts from your life. $297
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Module Three: Play N.I.C.E. to Resolve Conflict:

This module addresses how to deal with conflict successfully when it cannot or should not be avoided. You will learn specific steps you can implement to prevent adversarial relations and bring disputes to a constructive and productive outcome. Wallflowers and bullies are both hindrances to a healthy life – this module aims to minimize both. $297
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About your presenter:

Ron Price, the creator of CPR (Conflict Prevention & Resolution) Mastery, owns and operates Productive Outcomes, Inc. in Farmington, New Mexico.  He offers various services, including motivational/inspirational speaking, life and relationship coaching, and workplace training.

Ron has a BA in Sociology from the University of Rhode Island and a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of New Mexico. He has completed over 700 hours in continuing education, mainly in the fields of facilitation, mediation, and relationship skills-building.

In addition to creating this video course, Ron is the author of three books, PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Work, PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Home, and PLAY NICE in Your Sandbox at Church.  

Ron’s passion is to equip people to enjoy healthy relationships with more joy and peace, less strife, and grief.